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Tree Surgery

Tree felling, pruning, removal and dismantling plus hedge work

We offer the full range of Arboricultural Services for both domestic and commercial tree work clients, these are completed to the highest standard by our team of qualified tree surgeons.
Our Tree Surgery services include;

Tree felling or sectional dismantles

Total removal of trees. Sectional dismantle is used when there isn’t the space to safely fell the tree whole. Rigging to industry approved standards will be carried out where necessary.

Crown lifting

Generally specified over roadways or paths to lift the branches out of the way of traffic.

Crown reduction

The reduction in size of the crown of a tree. This is usually an all over reduction in size with branches being taken back to an appropriate pruning point. The topping of trees is bad practise and can lead to issues with the tree in the future.

Crown thinning

Carried out to allow more light through the crown of a tree or reduce the sail of a tree in areas subject to high winds. A thin can be combined with a lift or reduction but on its own will not reduce the size of the tree.

Deadwood and clean

Carried out generally for routine management. This removes or reduces the amount of deadwood within the crown as well as branches which are crossing or rubbing which may lead to future issues. Generally carried out in areas where people may use the space under a tree to reduce the risk of falling branches.


We can supply and plant trees or hedges to meet the majority of your needs. This could range from a replant after the removal of a tree protected by a preservation order through to the installation of a new hedge to define a garden boundary.

Hedge work

Whether it be a 10 foot high leylandii, decorative beech or shaped privet hedge Stephenson Trees and Landscapes are able to offer you year round care. We are available for regular trims to keep your hedges just right through to total removals if you feel the hedge has served it’s time. Whatever service you require all work will be carried out as per your requirements and your garden will be left as tidy as we found it. Check out the gallery for some of the hedges we have worked on.

Tree preservation or conservation area consultation

We are available to discuss your requirements and consult with the council on your behalf if required. We have been working with TPO’s and CA applications for the last 15+ years and have a good working relationship with the local tree officer. Note although we do not usually charge for tree work applications we reserve the right to charge for an application we submit when the work is passed to another company.

Any arisings from tree surgery can be left with you if required as woodchip and logs or removed for recycling. We currently recycle 98% of all waste generated through the business and 100% of all waste from the tree works. Any waste brought back to the yard is either processed to firewood or stored and sent to various power stations for use in biomass generators.

We can always rely on Stephenson Trees, excellent service, on time and great value for money.
Richard Haigh
Kevin and the team are professionals, they manage the company grounds with ease, always leaving it tidy and looking great!
John Doe